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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of Caritas Social Work Services, I cordially invite practitioners and professions of the fields to participate in our Conference on “Better Family for Better Society- Turning Vision into Action” to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Caritas – Hong Kong. The Conference will be held from 20th – 21st, October 2018 at the Campus of Caritas Institute of Higher Education.

It is indeed our great honour to have invited three renowned speakers, Dr. David Jones, Professor Ma Fengzhi, and Professor Joyce Ma, to deliver the speeches at the Conference. Apart from inviting reputed speakers who will address the plenary session, we are pleased to receive encouraging responses from more than 60 presenters. They include academics, practitioners of the welfare and health sector, users, representatives of NGOs and professional body to share their intervention models and good practices at workshops and parallel sessions. With their presentations, our Conference will surely provide a good opportunity for participants to share experience and exchange views to formulate new models and innovative service on working with families.

Family is the nucleus of civilization and the basic social unit of society. Aristotle wrote that the family is nature’s established association for the supply of mankind’s everyday wants. Research clearly shows that the institution of the family is the first form of community and government.

“The biggest change is that the family structure has come apart all over the world.”

If we have stronger families we will have stronger communities with less poverty and less crime. The family is the linchpin of society, both economically and socially. Most importantly, a cohesive family is the cradle of love, providing its members a feeling of connectedness, passing on our values and beliefs to our children, as well as nurturing the next generation to be contributive citizens. However, in facing an evolving society and a breakdown of traditional values, the caring role and socialization function of our families are open to challenge. One of the best things is that if we are striving for a harmonious society, we need to work together with our best effort at getting stronger families.

Hope you will join the Conference and contribute to the well-being of the people facing family problems.

With warmest regards,
Maggie Chan
Director, Social Work Services Division
Caritas - Hong Kong